Life of and Entrepreneur: Accepting Multiple Forms of Payments

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Many entrepreneurs that sell a product resort to purchasing vendor spaces for the opportunity to gain exposure and additional sales. But little do we know, many people are unwilling to purchase from vendors with their cards because they’re unsure of the vendor’s security methods. Be honest with yourself, if you have ever had a fraudulent transaction process against your account or, watched how it flipped a loved ones life upside down, you too maybe on the fence with a street vendor.

There’s a way minimize this issue……

Be professional and on top of your “A game,” No one wants to give their money to someone that is unsure of what they’re doing. Check your body language; what does it say about you? Does it tell your customers you’re the boss, capable of handling the transaction and standing behind your work? Or are you anxious, shaky and uncomfortable? Make sure you know the answers to all of the major procedures and cash handling facts before you ever begin processing payments. Know how payment will be made, how long it takes to receive a refund, your refund policies and the security of your payment methods; start there and you’re off to a good start.

Use multiple ways to accept cash if people are unsure. Never bring less than $40 in change for small events and $200 in change for large events. You will thank me later.

Many people have a Paypal account, it’s secure, you don’t see any billing information and they actually feel better about the transaction.  You can send invoices, receive payments and accept deposits. You can even email receipts for cash transactions.

If you have a website, I use Shopify. (I am an affiliate) . But for your own personal store, explore your options on getting a secure payment method linked to your site. You can even manage your inventory and accept payments online and in person. Just Set up your shop, download the  POS app and  order your card reader. FYI they have a wireless card reader that is connected via Bluetooth that will allow you to swipe cards and accept a chip. I have never been more in love with a card reader before; mine works wonderful; I can send invoices, check my sales daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can link apps to your site to help with time management, inventory, emails marketing and more on your back page.

If you’d like to try Shopify free for 14 days, Click the affiliate link and get started on your online store today. If you don’t like your store, you don’t have to keep it, I’m sure you’ll love it though.

Try Shopify free for 14 days

Square was like the first ones to do it, but of course they’re not the only ones now; yeah the name is recognizable for older buyers so it may work in your favor. I had a card reader but it was misplaced, so I panicked thinking I couldn’t use the app, just type the numbers in and you’re still in the game. You can set it up for fingertip signature and zip code verification.

Square Cash– now I don’t really use this much, but it’s good to have. I tell people all the time, I know a million ways to TAKE your money. This is an app that you download on your phone and exchange payment with a phone number. They tell you their phone number, you send an invoice amount after typing in their number, they receive a message, accept the amount to be paid and the money is moved to your account. This also works well if you and your friends are out at a restaurant and the checks can’t be split, send the money to one person and they can pay the bill. If you have to pay for something, you can just send the money right on over to them with the touch of a couple buttons. They are a branch of Square, and you can even snag an official debit card to link to your account.

Of course the list of card processing apps are endless, I could go on for days. Just make sure whichever methods you use, you make sure it’s right for you and right for your customers. Many apps charge fees per transaction. Do the numbers and make sure you’re not losing too much money.

Hopefully this information helps you, take a moment and dive out there, tell me which apps work best for you and why. Good luck


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