Life of and Entrepreneur: How to Keep a Positive News Feed

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Day after day, you’re either bound to your computer or your smartphone. What more can most people expect, you’re an entrepreneur; and for many, most of your sales are generated online. It can range from contact via website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it, it’s a tool. Serious social media hustlers are constantly logged in, posting, scrolling, promoting; but as of recently, Facebook and Instagram has both launched a feature commonly known as “live.” At the press of a button you can create a title and broadcast live, anywhere you are from your cellular devices. This video feature is interactive; you can see whose watching, the viewers can post comments in real time, and the owner of the video can respond back instantly.

Technology fans see this as a new and improved feature that is wonderful, but I saw this as a disaster from the start. The moment it became popular, people stopped recording things to share later; they stopped yelling out, “WorldStar,” and began their broadcast with “We Live!” With going live the situation is unpredictable, you have no idea what is going to happen. On April 10, 2017; Malachi Hemphill, 13 was on Instagram live, and accidentally shot himself while his viewers watched, he was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The children in the area that was watching his Instagram video when the ordeal occurred quickly gathered at his home.

Now imagine, you’re watching this video and something like this unexpectedly happens. Videos like this raises stress, anxiety and could alter your mental state in various ways. These were young children watching on as their friend shot himself. Luckily Instagram doesn’t allow viewers to share videos that were on a live feed.

April 16th of 2017, Facebook onlookers watched on as Steve Stephens, 37, went live and verbally when on a destructive path. He had allegedly broken up with a long term girlfriend and was fired up about it. He told Facebook that he was going to have an “Easter Massacre”. Fast forward, he pulls up on an elderly man that is walking down the street; Robert Goodwin Sr., 74, gets out of his car and shot the innocent man killing him for onlookers to see. Mr. Goodwin was a father of nine and a grandfather of fourteen.

Unfortunately, the inevitable happened, and people began to share the video, hundreds and thousands of times. Imagine you’re sitting in the comforts of your home to be notified that your loved one was murdered in broad daylight; on Facebook! Nothing can prepare you for the unpredictability of social media: fights, riots, protests, rants, murders, car accidents and of course the list can go on. And if you’re in Saint Louis you remember the woman that was hit and killed by a driver that was drag racing down Natural Bridge in the middle of the afternoon. The scene was horrific, and I wasn’t even there, so you can only imagine how I saw it, yep, you guessed it, Facebook live!

With this many mind altering visuals at our disposal, it is time for you as a business owner, hell, even the non-business owners to do this: Take a day to get away from social media. Put your phones down, log off, don’t check the notifications and come back after you’ve had a moment to decompress. About 4 years ago I stopped watching television; I still watch movies on DVD at home and I still go to the theatre. But I couldn’t tell you about the latest shows, the newest commercials, or what was even said on the news. Most people frown at it, but I feel so much better, there’s more time to complete other tasks, I save money and there’s no subliminal programming being absorbed from the news.

If you just can’t stay away from social media, here’s some pointers to help you to keep a positive news feed.

  1. Do not share violent posts. This will increase the visibility and spread more negativity. Don’t even comment and like the post, Facebook has changed its platform, the more activity a post gets, the more visible the post becomes.
  2. If you’re witnessing a crime, help stop it. If you know the name of an individual that is either the victim or the wrong-doer alert the proper authority to diminish the situation.
  3. Don’t read the comments. Reading the comments only make things worse, you never realize how doomed our society is until you read the comments of someone that is only self-centered and seeking attention.
  4. Flag inappropriate content. The faster it comes down the better life will be.
  5. Don’t amp the situation. If someone is showing signs of being unstable, do not tell them what they’re not capable of doing. It only takes one person to attempt to prove you wrong.
  6. Unfollow negativity. Yes, you can even unfollow people on Facebook and still be a “Facebook friend.” Their content will no longer show up on your news feed.
  7. Do not post when you’re frustrated. By doing this you may very well be on the chopping block from someone else that is purging their page from negativity. We’re all human, but Twitter fingers get us nowhere in life.


Hopefully these pointers are helpful. If you use any of these methods, tell me how they worked out for you. Did you go cold turkey on social media all together, or did you use the tips listed? Do you have any other tips that can help? Help us out and share.

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